About Us

About Us

Art Depot is a 501 c 3 Non-profit art organization located in the historic Clifton Train Depot in the beautiful Arizona town of Clifton in Greenlee County.

It is Art Depot’s mission to provide arts, music, scholarships, and cultural events and opportunities to the residents of Greenlee county.

Such events includes the annual Colors of Copper Art Show as well as classes, guest performances and demonstrations, and children art camps offered throughout the year.

Colors of Copper Art Show and Wine Tasting

Due to its availability and usefulness, copper was the earliest metal used by humans, with artifacts dating back to at least 9000 years ago.

Copper was widely used throughout the ancient world, from  Phoenicia to Mesoamerica, it was used, among other things, in the manufacture of sculpture, utensils, vessels, jewelry, tools, and weapons.

When exposed, the surface of native copper has a pinkish-orange color.

Copper compounds and atmospheric conditions impart a wide array of colors to copper which range anywhere from deep blues, emerald greens, and turquoise, to pinks, reds, browns and oranges.

Because copper is such a beautiful and versatile material, and due to its regional importance in south-eastern Arizona, the “Colors of Copper” fine arts show attempts to capture all the wonderful aspects of this vital and noble metal.

The art show is open to all artists who properly fill out the entry application and submit the required registration fee.

The event hosts vineyards and wineries from the surrounding region as well as live entertainment.

Kokopelli by David Himelfarb 2021 Colors of Copper Art Show

Classes and Demonstrations

Art Depot along with Coronado Performing Arts offers music, dance, and art classes throughout the year that are geared towards individuals of all ages.

Ballet and Tap are offered throughout the school year to children 3 and older, as well as guitar classes that are open to individuals of all ages.

Various art and craft classes are taught by various knowledgeable instructors.

Free Art Camps and Classes

Art Depot hosts a variety of free art camps and classes throughout the year to help engage the community in the arts.

Spring and Summer week long art camps are open to school aged children as well as projects for teens and adults.

Art Depot also sponsors a free community choir open to anyone who loves to sing, ages 16 and above.

For more information about these programs, feel free to please Contact Us.