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Amber Reyes and Molli Haught Scholarship Recipients 2021

Amber Reyes and Molli Haught Scholarship Recipients 2021

On Saturday, May 8th, Art Depot, a non profit local arts council based in the historic train station in Clifton, AZ judged entries from local high school students to award the very first $500 scholarships in memory of beloved community members, Molli Haught and Amber Reyes.Raelynn Peshlakiai, a Morenci high school student and soon to be first generation university student was awarded the Molli Haught Memorial Culinary Arts Scholarship for her delicious homemade rolls.

Peshlakai, a senior with aspirations in the nursing field, and who enjoys marching band, playing instruments, photography, and reading greatly impressed the judges with her radiant smile, presence, and baking prowess. When asked what advice she would offer to current and future students, she replied, “Don’t let what others have to say reflect on what you do with your future. As long as you tell yourself you can do it, you can do it.”

The Amber Reyes Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship was awarded to Diana Church for her breathtaking digital portrait.Church, who comes from a family of various artists will pursue her degree in Art. During the judging, the judges were fascinated by the knowledge, skill and passion that Church exhibited during her presentation.When asked what advice she would impart, she said, “People start bad at something, but keep going. As you grow and make connections, practice and develop passion, there’s no limit on what you can accomplish.”Art Depot wishes both of these amazing young women the best as they pursue the next phase of their lives, and would like to thank them for the wonderful examples they are to the communities in Greenlee County. Both scholarships will be officially presented to the recipients during Morenci High School’s award ceremony, Friday May 21st at 6:00 p.m.

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