Artist of the Month-Victor Navarro

Artist of the Month-Victor Navarro

(Biographical Information Used With Permission from Artist)

Venturing into the artistic lifestyle at the young age of 15, Victor began his art career as an exhibiting artist in Tucson, Arizona; 

soon after expanding his career to an international level. Graduated from The University of Arizona with his Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) , and having received his Masters degree (M.Ed)  from Northern Arizona University,

Victor at the Colors of Copper
Victor Navarro (Left) At the Colors of Copper Fine Arts and Wine Tasting 2021

Navarro seized art teaching opportunities at various institutions, such as Pima Community College , Parks & Rec and Splendido.

Victor’s diverse art forms have been exhibited in various renowned locations throughout his career. Some of which includes, the Carrousel Du LOUVRE Paris,  International Academy of Lutece France, Taiwan at Sun Yat-sen National Memorial Hall in Taipei Taiwan and many more.

His paintings are Inspired by diversity, identity, culture and emotions.

Navarro’s art has been featured at World Art Dubai. Becoming part of notable art collections such as the Ambassador’s residence in Abu Dhabi.

To Learn More About Navarro or to see more of his works of art, please visit his website here.

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