10th Annual Colors of Copper Prospectus-November 4th and 5th

10th Annual Colors of Copper Prospectus-November 4th and 5th

Artist Prospectus

4th & 5th November, 2023

  1. Artwork must contain some aspect of copper in color, concept, material, or other quality.
  2. All artwork must be entrant’s original work made within the last 3 years. No kits, or computer-generated work will be accepted.
  3. Artwork must be ready for display including any special hardware requirements. Art needs screw eyes with D rings and wire for hanging. We cannot accept any piece that is not ready to hang. Please view YouTube on how to properly attach wire a canvas.
  4. No art previously shown at Colors of Copper competition is eligible.
  5. All artwork must be for sale and remain on display throughout the event.
  6. All artwork must be labeled with the title, name of artist and price on the back of the work for gallery identification purposes. Color of Copper will provide art labels seen by the public.
  7. All artists may feel free to promote both their own art and the event. 
  8. When your artwork sells ART DEPOT will retain a 30% donation of the sale price listed on the entry form. Please price your artwork accordingly.
  9. Mail entry form along with photos or thumb drive of your artwork to: ART DEPOT, P.O. Box 33, Clifton, Arizona 85533.
  11. This competition is open to all artists 21 years and older.
  12. Loss and Damage: Art Depot will exercise all possible precautions to prevent loss or damage, however the artist assumes all risk. 


This is a juried exhibit. A cash award will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the categories of Painting, Water Media, Sculpture, Crafts, and Photography. 


October 20, 2023 deadline for entries

Selections will be notified by phone, mail or emailed on or before Monday, October 23, 2023

All artwork must be delivered to Art Depot, 100 N Coronado Blvd, on or before Saturday, October 28, 2023. 

Any questions please contact Barbara Ahmann @ 928-865-2085 or artdepotartcouncil@gmail.com 

Art Depot reserves the right to expand or combine categories as the entries dictate.

This prospectus should remain with the artist for their records.

Mail entry form, photos of artwork and entry fee to:  

Art Depot P. O. Box 33, Clifton, AZ 85522

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