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Featured Artist of the Month- Pamela Harrington

Featured Artist of the Month- Pamela Harrington

When you approach Pamela Harrington and ask her how her day is going, she will usually reply, “Crazy but good.”

That is because she enjoys keeping herself busy.

Be it teaching music lessons to the children and adults of greenlee county, assisting in dance classes, writing and illustrating books, writing and directing Community plays, leading Historical Tours, photographing the beautiful scenery and people around her, Playing in a community Orchestra, Painting or expressing herself in other mediums as well as being a mother to her wonderful children supported by her amazing husband.

if you ask her what she likes to do in her free time her answer is usually, “sleep.”

Picture of Pamela Harrington and her book Princess Delaynie the Dinosaur

A resident of Greenlee county for 18 years, Harrington loves and enjoys the small close community that gives her the opportunity to Share and Grow her talents in ways that she knows she couldn’t do elsewhere, especially with the help and support of Art Depot.

Some books she has written include titles such as Princess Delaynie the Dinosaur, The Tuck Tales Series, Imperfectly Me, The Fabulous Fabio of Finn, The Thief of Tales, The girls of the Promised Land Series, and more with new titles always in the works.

She aims to hep and inspire children and other individuals through storytelling and art.

The Mystery Dinner theater, The Clifton Climax, which she wrote, directed and acted is set to be a bonified Hit. she attributes the fantastic script to the wonderful rich history that she was able to draw from and the help of an amazing and supportive cast.

To Keep up with her happenings you can visit her website , her Instagram Account , or her Facebook page.

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  1. Awesome Pam. Beautiful photos. You are amazingly talented. Love the writeup. Thanks for all you do.

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