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Gems of Greenlee Community Photography Exhibition

Gems of Greenlee Community Photography Exhibition

Greenlee County is one of the undiscovered gems in Arizona, and Art Depot is proud to announce the Gems of Greenlee photography exhibition, a exhibition for residents of Greenlee County to capture the beauties and unique qualities of Greenlee County through photography.

With so many beauties and unique aspects of Greenlee County, we are inviting the public to submit their printed photography of the sights, creatures, people, and other aspects of Greenlee County to be displayed in the Art Depot Gallery located at the Historic Clifton Train Station with a reception to be held February 4th, 2023 from 4pm-6pm.

Registration to enter this event is open to all at no charge.

Submissions are limited to three per registered individual and each entry needs to have hanging hardware installed before submitting it to Art Depot. Photography can be printed on canvas, metal or photo paper.

There are no size restrictions for entered pieces. Each piece should be able to be hung for display.

Entries need to be delivered to Art Depot at the historic Clifton Train Station between January 25th- February 1, 2023.

It is expected that all entries will remain in the Art Depot Gallery from February 1- March 8th , and each should be available for sale with the expectation that Art Depot retains a 30% donation of the purchase price.

Purchases made from Art Depot are considered a donation to Art Depot and is considered tax deductible.

A reception will be held on February 4th, 2023 from 4PM-6PM. For any questions please email us at or contact Pamela Harrington for further details.

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